Does everybody know what time it is? For my American friends it is not Home Improvement’s ‘tool time’, but it’s our favorite TWTW time! This week’s TWTW has a particular theme and I am sure has been a popular talking piece – it’s Mark Zuckerberg and everyone’s guilty pleasure Facebook.

Facebook CEO rings opening bell on IPO day

On Friday May 18th Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire from the Facebook IPO. In the early hours of the IPO day, Mark rang the opening Nasdaq bell from Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook stock went on sale that Friday under the ticker symbol “FB” offering 421,233,615 shares at a price of $38 per share.

Anyone buying?

Check out the video of Zuck ringing the bell: Zuckerberg rings the Nasdaq bell

Source: Tech Crunch

America’s new sweethearts – Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg tie the knot

Image source: Mashable

I think I speak when I say congratulations to Mark and Priscilla! On Friday May 19th (one day after the IPO) Facebook’s CEO and founder married his longtime girlfriend of 9 years, Dr. Priscilla Chan, at a surprise ceremony in Palo Alto, California.

According to AP, Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla took place in front of 100 invited guests in his in private backyard. Guests attended the wedding thinking it was to celebrate Priscilla’s medical school graduation – what a lovely surprise for their close friends and the world!

Let’s see that beautiful ruby ring, Priscilla!

Zuckerberg has accepted a friend request for life, but will he be sharing? (Thanks Ahmed Al Derazi for that one.)

On a financial note, after 2 days on the stock market Facebook shares fell 11 percent. Zuckerberg has only been married 5 days and he is already poorer, but luckily you cannot blame Priscilla for that one!

Source: Mashable Reuters

More Facebook news from Dubai – 1st Facebook office in the UAE

After Mark’s lovely wedding, he decided to grow the Facebook family by opening an office in Dubai. Yesterday Facebook announced its new office in Dubai is set to open next week in Internet City. The Dubai office will focus on gaining revenue from advertising in the region.

The social networking company invited journalists to an event next Wednesday to launch its first office so I am sure there will be more good news to come!

With 30 offices around the world, we are pleased to say Mabrook and Ahlan Facebook Dubai!

Source: The National

That’s a wrap until next week!