Here are the latest global trends! In this issue, the UAE trends are mentioned in 3 sections – social media, technology & digital and culture. The third edition of The Quarterly is the JCPR report covering the latest trends from around the globe including social media, technology & digital, brand & marketing, culture, good purpose, fashion & luxury, retail, food & drink, health & beauty and travel.

These reports come from colleagues from across the world including UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, India, Singapore, China and Australia. This issue now includes contributions from Germany, Chicago and Austin.

This collective insight would not have been possible without the interesting and fresh perspectives from over nearly 50 individuals and 13 offices giving ever more insight and local perspective from across globe. It’s well worth a read to get an idea of what’s going on in other parts of the world.


Welcome to The Quarterly and what a quarter it has been. From London this summer we keenly felt how much smaller the world has become. Not only as we welcomed millions of people from across the globe to be part of the Olympic Games but because the way that this event played out revolutionised the notion of the collective experience and how we can enjoy moments together in real time no matter where we are in the world.

Thoroughly unconstrained by geographical boundaries and language barriers, the broadcasting, conversing and capturing of these momentous occasions gave over 4 billion participants and voyeurs a chance to be a part of the action, collectively creating and curating the experience; viewing and sharing commentary and sentiment in real time. All on a scale never seen before.

Collective, social experience is a theme you will see running through this report as we look at scalable examples from all over the world, with contributions collected from 13 countries and nearly 50 individuals from across the network who continue to share with us the happenings and events that are exciting them every day.