A dirty QWERTY, regional social TV, Facebook postcards and top-Tweeting cities? It must be time for our weekly wrap-up!

Social TV

UAE based companies Arabi on TV and SkyGrid have collaborated to develop Touch TV – the first free application to watch TV shows on Facebook, according to a report in Gulf News.

The app, which works on all major operating systems, is designed to tap into the way people in the region access social networking sites for entertainment. Marwa Abdel Wahed, Head of Strategy at Arabi On TV states “The app allows users to watch more than 20 television channels free of charge via Facebook.”

It is hoped that Touch TV will help increase communication and interaction around popular TV shows, adding “We are working to get official approval for more channels to provide the diversity and multiplicity of content that Arab users demand.”

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Arabian Bytes recently reported on the popularity of YouTube’s Ramadan channel in the region, which has reached over 29,000 subscribers since its launch in July. Is social TV the future? Let us know your thoughts.

Facebook postcards

Heading away somewhere nice? You may soon be able to mail postcards to your family and friends using your Facebook photos. According to Mashable, Facebook is testing a feature which will allow you to turn your photos into physical postcards with a personalised message on the back.

The ability to send postcards is likely to be a paid service provided by the company behind Postagram who charge $0.99 per card.

Image source: Mashable

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Which is the most active Twitter City?

With the Olympics just wrapping up, you’d think that London would top the list for the most Twitter-crazed city? Wrong! Whilst London comes in third, the results of a recent survey by Consumer Insight company Semiocast is surprising, with Jakarta coming in 1s and Tokyo taking a close 2nd place.

A huge area of growth according to the survey is in the Middle East, with Arabic now the 6th most used language on Twitter, and Riyadh coming in 10th on the list of top-Tweeting cities. The introduction of right-to-left support for Arabic has evidently had a huge impact in the region, with Twitter use in Saudi Arabic seeing a 93% rise since January!

American cities such as New York, Chicago and LA come in high at 5th, 8th and 9th place; whilst cities such as San Francisco, Miami and Houston don’t even make the list.

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Finally, ending TWTW on a light-hearted note – have you noticed any less-than-sanitary keyboards around the office recently? Check out what this prankster pulled on his co-worker using these simple ingredients:

1 filthy keyboard

1 bag of dirt

1 pouch of garden cress