In the wake of Facebook’s stock market flotation on Friday, here is a neat infographic by Khaled El Ahmed detailing the use of Facebook in the Arab world so far this year.

Source: Wamda

Facebook use in the Arab world has grown exponentially over the last few years, with an approximate total of 43 million Arabic speaking users today. According to the infographic Egypt is leading the forefront, with users in May 2012 totaling 10,643,740; this is followed by KSA with 5,333,360 total users.

Interestingly, countries witnessing the largest change in Facebook use between September 2011 – May 2012 are Qatar, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, yet with regards to population penetration, these countries are significantly lower. Bucking this trend however is Qatar, who at the lower end of the user scale with only 533,980, has proven to have a considerably high penetration rate of 31.42%!

Taking into account these interesting and ever-growing figures alongside Facebook’s proposed expansion into emerging markets, we here at Arabian Bytes certainly anticipate what Facebook’s future has to hold in the region!

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