Years ago, simply having an online presence was enough for one-way broadcasting and distribution of information. Today, the explosion of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more are driving new forms of social interaction between brands and customers. As a result, there has been a hugely growing demand on becoming social as almost all companies are exploring how they can use these tools most effectively.

But the question remains – which channels are right for each brand? Indeed, it’s almost impossible for every brand to effectively engage on every channel, in every language, at all times. Brands must pick and choose the right opportunities that make sense for their overall communications objectives.

A great blog post from Marque provides a useful overview for brands about benefits of key digital channels. We encourage our clients to think about their digital programmes holistically, including social networks, blogs / websites, and advertising. As a first step, it’s worth considering which channels are most valuable to your organisation as you map out your strategy for ongoing content creation and engagement.