The week that was:

Another week; another fresh face. I am one of the newest members to the ever-expanding Digital team here in Dubai.

When I’m not being an uber nerd and soaking up anything and everything social-media and technology-related, I’m probably out with friends checking in somewhere on foursquare or break-dancing. Or both.

Zuckerberg hosts Obama

This week, Facebook hosted America’s one-and-only Barack Obama in an interview at the Paulo Alto Facebook headquarters. The two figureheads touched on education reform and healthcare, amongst other issues posed by Zuckerberg over the duration of the session.

Check out a recording of the entire live-stream at Mashable here:

Tech is the new black, darling

Fashion and technology lines have once again been blurred, as Burberry’s recent fashion show in Beijing featured holographic catwalk models interspersed with real models. The innovative show was a celebration launch of a new flagship Burberry store to be one of many ‘digitally equipped’, to bolster the shopping experience. This is one not to miss – you won’t believe it until you see it.

Thursday LOL

Weird Al is back with a vengeance, this time covering Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” track. After a low-budget reproduction was posted on YouTube and quick chat transpired with Gaga’s manager, Al was denied rights to publish the track on his upcoming album. However, after a mini YouTube campaign disclosing these details and his intention to donate all proceeds of the album to charity, Gaga’s decision was reversed; the track “Perform This Way” will be the first to play on Al Yankovic’s June 2011 album. Check it out here: