Facebook facelift

People get surgery for all different reasons; some because they genuinely don’t like the way a certain feature looks, some because of old age and, some… for the perfect profile picture on Facebook

According to an article on Khaleej times, people are going under the knife to look picture perfect for Facebook. This may sound like an extreme decision for a minority group but, according to surgeons the “trend” commonly known as ‘the Facebook facelift’ is growing and is especially popular amongst school and college students of both genders in India.

The Facebook facelift has included several types of surgery including nose, chemical peeling, and body contouring, just to mention a few. In one particular case a girl underwent surgery to reshape her chin all simply for more likes and comments which have ultimately given her a confidence boost.

Looking good on Facebook is said to be the in thing. The perfect profile picture opens the gate way to many opportunities including marriage proposals, so by any means necessary these youngsters will get that perfect picture…

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Sheik Mohammed has given his followers on twitter the opportunity to get an insight into his life and experience as a leader. Sheik Mohammed has created the hash tag @ShkMohdJournal and has been tweeting away valuable advice and life lessons. Some of the tweets really do reflect on the great work he has done in making Dubai the place it is today.

“- A true leader turns a dream or an idea into reality & a visualization into implementation.History has no place for dreamers.”

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Gig It

Music and gamers are going to love this one! Gig It, the new social game coming to Facebook allows fans to interact on a new platform by putting their own unique input into creating 3D concerts. Players will be able to sit in the directors seat and create and customise everything, from music, wardrobe, venue and even sponsors. Once created, there will be an option to show off your great work and creative imaginations by sharing the show with your friends on Facebook – pretty cool if you ask me.

Gig It is an innovative means to social interactions and allows artists to give its fan base the opportunity to connect beyond listening to the music.

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Digital Detox

Gone are the days when your friends would actually knock on the door for you to come out, or the days when you would set a time and place to meet someone and just pray that they show up on time . Growing up I didn’t have the luxury of a smartphone, if you took my phone away from me now, I would begin to get major withdrawals symptoms after an hour of not checking my messages, Twitter, Instagram, Keek etc etc. I honestly have no idea how I managed to keep in touch with people and the world before my smart phone.

The digital detox camp is a great way to put us to the ultimate test of self-control and to remind us what life what like before the smartphone and digital craze. The 4 day, 1970’s style camp will be held this summer in the states, with three major unbreakable rules; no technology, no mobilephones and no talking about work. Think you can do it?

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