Where on earth have these two months gone?! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. Often graduates snarl at the idea of being qualified and employed as an Intern. At a glance, this statement is understandable, but what most graduates like myself, fail to realise until completing an efficient internship is the importance and value internships have on our CV’s.

My time has truly been an exciting and intense learning curve. When I first joined, I sat at my desk observing how each member of the team conducted their work and corporate conversations with such confidence and I thought to myself, I will NEVER be able to do that! Instead, I sat staring at my phone when tasked with media calls hoping it would magically disappear into my desk.

Literally within the second day I was briefed on work, and I don’t mean printing and photocopying duties, I mean REAL PR work. By the end of my first week I quickly realised the connotations that surrounded intern duties certainly does not apply to this company.

What I loved most about interning was that each member of the team made me feel at home like a permanent employee. I felt a sense of belonging, and I was never left alone to sit twiddling my thumbs. I was allocated a line manager at the beginning of the programme who stayed devoted to my progress and helped me to arrange my work load throughout my time, which made my experience a lot less intimidating as I knew I always had someone to turn to.

Throughout these two months I got to dabble in a wide range of accounts and PR duties which meant being thrown into the deep end – but I have no complaints because two months later, I feel like I have gained valuable experience, knowledge and confidence. I’m pretty sure I can compile a coverage report with my eyes closed now.

I learnt a lot about the PR industry and related industries such as digital and events management which is a massive bonus. Although, I still have room for plenty of growth, my experience has provided a solid foundation and I can now officially pick up the phone and pitch to a journalist.