2020 has been a year that tested the human civilization. This year has brought about much change in ways many would not have imagined. It’s accelerated the growth of ecommerce and made businesses that could not adapt quick enough shut the their doors forever. If anything, 2020 has been the year of technology startups leading the world.

“Software is eating the world.” Marc Andreessen

Countries like China are a nearly cashless society. In many parts of China, you cannot buy anything with cash. According to The National, the UAE expects to be a completely cashless society by 2030, much sooner than anyone expected.

The UAE is also doubling down on investing in technology startups in an effort to modernize their workforce and invest in non-petroleum companies. There are already more than 50 startups in Abu Dhabi attracting startups from all over the world to the region.

In the coming days and for the whole month of October, we’re going to be focusing on how Abu Dhabi is becoming a startup city before our very eyes.

Stay tuned.