3D doll yourself !

Kick starting TWTW in a disturbing manner, a Japanese toy company called Clone Factory this week announced that people’s faces can now be printed toys! Yes, scary, but true.

Basically the person has to sit in a chair surrounded by SLR cameras and have their picture taken in a sequence. Then a digital map of the subject’s head is extracted and printed into plaster.

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Youtube turns eight!

So we all know Youtube; it was launched in 2005 and this year marks its 8th year! Still kicking around,more than 1 billion unique users visit the website on monthly basis, over 4 billion hours are watched each month and back in 2011 the website had more than 1 trillion views.

And to celebrate the 8th year anniversary they have asked The Gregory Brothers to sum up the “history” of YouTube for the past eight years in a brief exciting video.

**Tweet to record **

When Twitter becomes the main source for viewers to consume TV shows instead of the company’s website, it calls for extreme measures on the TV operators behalf.

Television operator Sky Brazil came up with a new plan to make use of Twitter to gain viewers and display a perfect service that they can benefit from while spending their time on the platform. By getting customers to register their Twitter name on the Sky website, the site delivers Tweets to followers to inform them of what is showing on TV. Followers then simply need to reply with #SKYREC to record the episode!

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Flickr: New design and enhanced quality

Flickr has been redesigned. With a tidy, fresh new look, , the web giant Yahoo announced that Flickr will now offer users a 1 TB of free storage. In other words, users can upload up to exactly 499,321 photos with 7.0 megapixels resolution.

The new features are superb; a redesigned user-interface, new activity feed, an android application, 200MB limit on the size of each photo and a three minute cap on playback videos.

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