Hi all, I am the other intern in Dubai. I enjoy writing and I am a big fan of blogging so I was thrilled to give this a shot. The topics I touched on for this week’s edition of TWTW are the following; twitter resumes, Youtubes celebration of video, the fusion of Shazam and fashion and lastly, Facebook video ads. Hope you enjoy it!

#twusume – Twitter resume!?

Having trouble finding a job, internship or any career opportunity? According to an article on psfk, companies are using the hashtag #twusume, also known as ‘twitter resume’, to head hunt and interact more directly with potential candidates.

Incorporating #twesume is still a relatively new approach of identifying future employees, however, one worth looking into, especially as social media is at the forefront of many activities in the world of PR. Funny, I write about this, since this approach has been successful for me in the past and landed me my first ever PR internship simply by tweeting “Looking for a PR intern opportunity in Dubai #PRdubai”.

Image source: PSFK

YouTube celebrate VCR

Youtube have gone ‘old school’ by treating its viewer’s eyes with a reminder of how far digital and video technology has progressed. This quirky feature option is Youtube’s way of celebrating 57 years of VCR – a fantastic way to involve viewers in visualising and appreciating the triumph of digital video over time.

The “tape mode” button which appears on the side of the page engages viewers in the celebration of video, by taking us back to the past and allowing us to experience the fuzzy memory of what marked the beginning of the world’s first practical videotape recorder.

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Image source: The Verge

Shazam fashion

Shazam is multi-tasking and targeting fashion lovers! Just when you thought music finding excellence cannot get any better, the mastermind of music discovery is expanding, and now providing us with a fashion finding tool. The awesome app will help us to identify clothes in seconds…pure genius if you ask me!

Shazam are partnering up with TV shows to answer our prayers by allowing us to scan details of the outfits we love on TV simply by tagging the name of the TV show, and bam!….gateway to fashion heaven. If that isn’t enough, Shazam will also be directing us straight to the online source so all we have to do is click purchase

Really, it’s an all-round win-win situation for everyone. Shazam get bigger and better, another platform for fashion PR professionals to connect with, and we all benefit as a fashionable society!

Image source: Whats Haute

Facebook video ads

We all know Facebook has a track record of introducing changes that the majority of us do not approve of, but I think this change may just take the crown. This summer Facebook have pitched the introduction of auto play video ads… now isn’t that something for users to look forward to!

One good thing to come out of this that its users will be glad to hear is that they will not be exposed to more than 3 ads per day. Indeed, this is a great business venture for the social networking phenomena, and a great platform for advertisers, however, I’m not sure its social users will feel the same.

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