There is never a shortage of news in the digital realm, and this week was no exception. Here were some of the landmarks this week:

Microsoft Buys Skype

Photo taken by Johannes Hemmerlein under the freedom of panorama

And so it’s official, Microsoft has brought the video conferencing site for a reported $8.5 billion. Microsoft has clearly expressed the potential of Skype for both consumer and business customers.

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App World is Finally Here

Research In Motion finally launched their eagerly anticipated App World in the UAE for BlackBerry. App World will provide an enormous selection of applications for all BlackBerry users.

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Go Incognito on Facebook

Now to Facebook news. A new Chrome Extension has been released allowing you to comment on Facebook posts anonymously. The extension, called Defaceable, allows users of the extension to make anonymous posts and see other anonymous posts on Facebook, and other websites that use Facebook comments such as Tech Crunch.

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Twitpic Making Money From Your Pics

Twitpic also made a few enemies this week by making a change in its policy that allows the site to sell users’ photos to other websites. This was obviously met with an outcry from Twitter users, who felt that this was a clear copyright violation.

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