So, it has been quite the Walt Disney week, hasn’t it? A royal wedding, a papal beatification, and the death of a prominent terrorist.

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Last Friday’s British royal wedding was reportedly watched by 2 billion people worldwide, which shows a 1.25 billion increase in 30 years since Prince Charles’ wedding to Lady Diana.

When it comes to social media; the U.S.A generating most of the social media buzz (55.8%). Twitter also reigned supreme in updates with 94.7% while Facebook came a distant second with only 3.0%.

And finally, although the wedding was really about Prince William and Kate Middleton, 35.1 % of social media updates were actually about The Queen!

Watch here

Pope John Paul II’s beatification

Also in this week’s rear view mirror is Pope John Paul II’s beatification. In the run up to this event, the Vatican set up a Facebook account for the late Pope. This is the latest in a series of social media and online revamps that the Vatican is doing.

The death of America’s Most Wanted

Finally, on May 1st the death of notorious terrorist Osama Bin Laden was announced, obviously to a huge global reaction that, needless to say, spilled over to social media. 31% of people found out about the death via Twitter, whilst Facebook came second with 20%. Twitter also exploded with 12.4Million tweets on the topic per hour while Yahoo searches went dramatically high by 98,550% on the search topic “Bin Laden”.

President Obama’s speech regarding the issue was watched live by a reported 56.5 Million viewers, which is one of the president’s highest TV appearances.

And in other news…

Facebook has relaunched its page for musicians and fans, which is a great step to fill the musical void in Facebook’s features.

Twitter has also had a busy week, acquiring Tweet Deck for a reported $40 million–$50 million.